One Day in Kyoto Part 2: Fushimi Inari

I got to spend one day in Kyoto last month, so I really had to make the most of the few hours I had there. This is part 2 of my afternoon there (If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you can find it here 🙂 )
Before we moved on to Fushimi Inari we took a quick stop to get some donuts (this trip definitely was not about the healthy food). But when the donuts look this cute, who could resist?













When we arrived at Fushimi Inari it was around 5 pm and the lighting was so beautiful. We got there right before sunset started and it was really busy, but still so fun to explore.











Because it was kind of late we didn’t get the chance to walk up the mountain all the way, but we did do the first bit. I think if you do the whole walk it takes about 2 hours (and i assume it gets less busy the further up you go) so it should definitely be worth it.
Fushimi Inari is known for its fox stautues as they are considered messengers. You will find these fox statues at almost every Inari shrine in Japan, too cute!
Of course this shrine is known for its hundreds of torii gates, however, it was so crowded it was almost impossible to get a good shot, maybe next time!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this little one day trip to Kyoto and it gave you some inspiration of what to do when you are there 🙂

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