One Day in Kyoto Part 1: Kenninji

Most of my time in Japan is spent in Wakayama, and its the perfect location to do little day trips in the Kansai region. During my most recent trip I got to spend one day in Kyoto so I had to make sure I made the most out of my 10 hours there.This post is part one of my day there and what I did. Of course there are so many things to do in Kyoto you can’t do them all in one day, you probably couldn’t even do them in one year.

We started the day at Kototama (ことたま 白玉専門店)and had some delicious parfaits that we got to customize ourselves.

Next we headed to Kenninji, my absolute favorite temple in Kyoto. It is much less crowded than other temples and what I especially like about it is that you can walk the grounds and gardens pretty freely.











Kenninji is the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto and was founded 1202, over 800 years ago, how crazy! The monk who founded it also brought green tea to Japan, so he was pretty important to Japanese culture.

This day it was a little more crowded since the weather was nice, but I have been before on a particulary hot day in August and the whole area was practically deserted. I spent about an hour sitting in one of the tatami rooms overlooking a zen garden, so peaceful. I do recommend to visit this temple in the warmer months as you have to take off your shoes when entering and it was a little chilly in february to walk around in your socks.











Kenninji is definitely my favorite temple in all of Kyoto and worth the 500 Yen entry fee. What is your favorite temple or shrine to explore in Kyoto?

Stay tuned for part 2 of what I did in Kyoto that afternoon.

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