Long time no see! I’ve been quite busy with Uni, so I haven’t posted in a while. I don’t come empty handed however, here is a new post about one of Vienna’s most recent additions. Located on the corner of Siebensternplatz it is the perfect combination of stylish, modern, and cozy. Perfect for those wanting to take some Insta pics while still enjoying a good cup of coffee.

I tried their Japanese Iced Coffee. Don’t confuse it with Vietnamese Iced Coffee, those are two completely different things. As J.Hornig is primarily a roastery, you get to choose between several of their own roasts. Definitely a great choice on a warm summer day.
They also have yummy food! I spent there quite a while, working on a paper (they didn’t yell at me for being there 5 hours which is a huge plus!), and I got both a cinammon roll and avocado toast. While the avocado toast had a little too much black pepper for my liking (I actually hate black pepper), the serving was really generous and filled me up. I think they only offer breakfast on weekends though, so be sure to stop by on a Saturday or Sunday!


A big must for me at Cafes is reliable wifi. Luckily, J.Hornig’s wireless was working perfectly and I could get a lot of work done. Overall, a great cafe to stop by and spend some time.


They sell their own bottled cold brew here, but I’ve also seen it at some Spars across Vienna. Definitely worth a try!


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